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Kofi Annan's peace plan for Syria receives U.N. endorsement



by Joseph Earnest  April 5, 2012

 Newscast Media GENEVA—The spokesman of Joint Special Envoy Ahmad Fawzi of the United Nations and the League of Arab States said, the Syrian government has begun withdrawing troops from some conflicting areas, to comply with the cease fire proposal by Kofi Annan.


"We are in the process of verifying," Fawzi said, adding that the opposition had made it clear that once the government abides by the April 10 deadline, they will also lay down the weapons.

According to the spokesman, all forms of violence should be ceased by all parties in Syria within 48 hours since April 10.

Annan said on video, "We must silence the tanks, helicopters, mortars, guns and stop all other forms of violence too - sexual abuse, torture, executions, abductions, destruction of homes, forced displacement and other abuses, including on children,”

Fawzi said Annan will be briefing the UN General Assembly on Thursday afternoon on the latest development on Syria and will visit Teheran on April 11.

A team headed by Norwegian Major-General Robert Mood will arrive in Damascus to discuss the eventual deployment of a UN supervision and monitoring mission, he said.       Add Comments>>






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