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Video: Paul Ryan makes his case before the American voters


paul ryan

 Paul Ryan at the Texas GOP Convention in Fort Worth, Texas.  Photo by Joseph Earnest


by Joseph Earnest  August 11, 2012                   


Newscast Media NORFOLK, Va—Paul Ryan lays forth his argument before the American voters as to why a Republican president should be elected.  In his speech at the GOP convention in Texas, Ryan said, "...Friends, we have a big decision to make. We are coming to a cross roads. We have a choice of two futures to make in this country. This is no ordinary time...this is no ordinary election.  The very nature and identity of our nation, is at stake..."


Ryan got several applauses including when he said, "You see, president Obama cannot run on his record. It's a terrible record..."  Watch below:

Paul Ryan, an excellent choice for VP makes a remarkable speech about faith, freedom and

free enterpriseVideography by Joseph Earnest


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