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Iran and world powers agree to key parameters in nuclear deal

iran nuclear plant


by Joseph Earnest April 2, 2015


Newscast Media LAUSANNE, Switzerland—The European Union, P5+1 and the Islamic Republic of Iran have agreed to key parameters of a Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) regarding Iran’s nuclear program that were decided in Lausanne, Switzerland.


These elements form the foundation upon which the final text of the JCPOA will be written between now and June 30, and reflect the significant progress that has been made in discussions between the between the global powers and Iran.


Among some of the commitments Iran has agreed to fulfill are: reducing by approximately two-thirds its installed centrifuges, from having about 19,000 installed today to 6,104 installed under the deal, not build any new facilities for the purpose of enriching uranium for 15 years, agreeing to only enrich uranium using its first generation (IR-1 models)centrifuges at Natanz for ten years, removing its more advanced centrifuges and giving the IAEA will have regular access to all of Iran’s nuclear facilities, including to Iran’s enrichment facility at Natanz and its former enrichment facility at Fordow, and including the use of the most up-to-date, modern monitoring technologies.


In return, Iran will receive sanctions relief, if it verifiably abides by its commitments.The U.S. and E.U. nuclear-related sanctions will be suspended after the IAEA has verified  that Iran has taken all of its key nuclear-related steps. If at any time Iran fails to fulfill itscommitments, these sanctions will snap back into place.


However, sanctions by the U.S. against Iran for terrorism, human rights abuses, and ballistic missiles will remain in place under the deal.

Click here to read or download the agreed-upon parameters. (pop-up)


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