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Uganda's Museveni slams his critics but also seems to capitulate


by Joseph Earnest  February 21, 2014


Newscast Media KAMPALA—Uganda's President Yoweri Museveni and US President Barack Obama are sparring over the anti-homosexuality bill that was passed in Uganda last December.


After a meeting with his National Resistance Movement  (NRM) party, and reports from scientists confirming there is no gene responsible for homosexuality, Museveni promised to sign the bill to fight the forces that are trying to impose homosexuality upon Ugandans.


Barack Obama thereafter released a statement indicating his support for homosexuality in Uganda, saying homosexuals "should have the opportunity to reach their fullest potential, no matter who they are or whom they love."


Museveni then sent a stern rebuttal to Obama asserting:

    "...I would like to discourage the USA government from taking the line that passing this law will complicate our valued relationship with the USA as President Obama said.

    "Countries and Societies should relate with each other on the basis of mutual respect and independence in decision making,

    “Valued relationship” cannot be sustainably maintained by one Society being subservient to another society.  There are a myriad acts the societies in the West do that we frown on or even detest.  We, however, never comment on those acts or make them preconditions for working with the West.

    "Africans do not seek to impose their views on anybody.  We do not want anybody to impose their views on us.  This very debate was provoked by Western groups who come to our schools and try to recruit children into homosexuality.   It is better to limit the damage rather than exacerbate it," Museveni said ina statement.

However, Presidential spokesman, Tamale Mirundi, told Reuters on Friday the bill would be on hold for now "until more conclusive research is done, and that's what the president is saying in that letter." (pop-up)

In essence the president's office is sending mixed signals.  On one hand, President Museveni says he will sign the bill, then he changes his position and says "I, therefore, encourage the US government to help us by working with our Scientists to study whether, indeed, there are people who are born homosexual," now his spokesperson says the bill is on hold.

So, was Museveni just bluffing and filling his NRM supporters with false hope when he said he would sign the bill? It looks like Museveni blinked when it came to signing the law and now has second thoughtsif we are to believe Mirundi's statements.

Unlike Nigeria's Goodluck Jonathan who did not capitulate but signed a similar bill, it is yet to be seen if this bill will ever see ink.

Africa's problem is that it depends too heavily on foreign aid, therefore the leaders can be easily manipulated and blackmailed by outsiders against the will of those who voted for them. That is what's going on here.

However, if Museveni does not capitulate but signs the bill, he will be credited as a true pan-Africanist who stood against the former colonial masters in the interest of his country.

It was Museveni himself who told a crowd in Kenya on December 12, 2013 during an Independence celebration not to fear pressure from foreigners.

"Africans tempt foreigners by being weak," Museveni said. "When you are weak you tempt the greedy to attack you and we know how not to be weak. Dawa tuko nayo (we have the remedy) to Africa's fear," he asserted. (pop-up)

This is now Museveni's test to see if he was just bluffing or is as good as his word.

Interestingly enough, Republican lawmakers and Evangelicals in the US have held their silence, which sends a signal they are on the same page with African nations fighting against the aggressive homosexual lobby.    Add Comments>>









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