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Journalist who broke NSA spying story says more is yet to come

 glenn greenwald

Glenn Greenwald --the journalist who broke the NSA story


 by Joseph Earnest June 11, 2013


Newscast Media WASHINGTONGlenn Greenwald, the journalist who broke the story about National Security Agency's sweeping surveillance programs says more on the issue is yet to come and that the revelations only harmed "those in power who want to conceal their actions and their wrongdoing" while also foreshadowing future bombshells.


"We are going to have a lot more significant revelations that have not yet been heard over the next several weeks and months," said Glenn Greenwald of The Guardian.


"What we disclosed was of great public interest, of great importance in a democracy that the U.S. government is building this massive spying apparatus aimed at its own population," Greenwald said during a media appearance.

Edward Snowden, a 29-year government contractor with the NSA contacted the media and told them he had evidence of the NSA surveillance program. Snowden's media contact was Greenwald who made the revelations after Snowden went into hiding. Snowden is believed to be somewhere in Asia.

"There are dozens of stories generated by the documents he provided, and we intend to pursue every last one of them,'' Greenwald said, as he addressed the Associated Press.

In the CNN interview below, Greenwald explains how Snowden got in touch with him.


Edward Snowden's interview


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