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Barack Obama hugs Ebola-free patient Nina Pham

nina pham


by Joseph Earnest  October 24, 2014   


Newscast Media WASHINGTON—The 26-year-old nurse from Dallas who contracted Ebola and was cured made a stop at the White House where she was greeted with a hug by the president.

The White House print pool was not allowed in to the Oval Office for President Barack Obama's visit with newly Ebola-free nurse Nina Pham. A stills-only pool was allowed. 

Obama hugged Pham after the president said something to the effect of, "Let's give a hug for the cameras" - according to two photographers allowed into the Oval. Photos show Pham with a radiant smile. Photographers say they didn't see a kiss but said hug was a full embrace.  



 Pool could see Obama striding inside the Oval Office as they headed to vans. It looked like he was posing for pictures for WH photographer Pete Souza prior to the stills being allowed in.


White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest spoke about the nurse during the daily briefing.

Earnest was asked about the exclusion during the briefing but did not appear to give a reason why the full pool was excluded.
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