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Russia's FM: Russia to establish naval bases in Latin America



by Joseph Earnest  May 19, 2014


Newscast MOSCOWRussian Foreign Minister Sergei Lazrov says Moscow will not establish military bases in Latin America but rather naval "stations."

Lavrov said on the Rossia television's "Saturday News" program that although Russia does not need military bases, the Russian Navy needs stations that could provide repairs and maintenance to its ships.

Lavrov said Russia's navy "must have an opportunity to [sail] the [world's oceans]" and needs stations to provide "fuel, rest, and some minor repairs" to ships.

Lavrov visited Cuba, Nicaragua, Chile, and Peru from April 29 to May 1.

He added that Russia is looking at plans to build a canal through Nicaragua that would connect the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and take business away from the Panama Canal.

Lavrov said Russian companies could play a role in the construction of the canal.

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega is a key ally of the Kremlin.


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Source: Radio Free Europe













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