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Israeli aviation under Muslim hackers' control for months



by Joseph Earnest  January 9, 2014


Newscast Media TEHRAN—In a message meant to rattle Israel and its allies, a group called the Islamic Cyber Resistance Group (ICRG) has provided documentary evidence that it hacked into the Israeli aviation Local Area Networks (LAN) system, extracted highly sensitive and top secret information regarding domestic and international flight maps, flight plans, and so forth, and controlled the Israeli Aviation Authority servers for months. The group has posted documents on the Internet to prove its claims. In its message to Israel, the group wrote in part:


"Once again, Islamic Cyber Resistance Soldiers shook a nest which is weaker than a spider web to make the occupiers realize that now it is time to vanish. The Islamic Cyber Resistance Group is proud to add another one to its line of success and announces access to the LAN of Israeli aviation organization, in a move to render the fake legend of Israel's security and invincibility obsolete.

"By the grace of God, we could gain access to iaa.gov.il LAN and in addition to obtaining sensitive information, seized full control over the management panel," it added.

The ICRG said it could wreak havoc on Israel by crashing every flying aircraft in Israel, but avoided doing so as ordered by Islam, implying that Al-Qaeda or anyone else who caused the 9/11 attack were neither Muslims nor acting upon Koran and Islamic teachings.

"But as the world knows, killing women, children and innocent people is a profession exclusive to Israel and its neophytes, and we, as ordered by Islam, do condemn such moves and, thus, find it sufficient to release sensitive information to prove that we have had the access to the servers and downed the website," declared the group.

The ICRG further declared that it has gained access to "the flight management plans and were able to make online changes to them. Also by gaining access to ATIS/VOLMET system, disruption in data communications (such as flight routing and weather conditions) between plane and ground stations was possible".

Click here to view or download flight documents being displayed by the group. (pop-up)

The Muslim group said it had the servers and network of the IAA under control for months and downloaded a huge amount of data, analyzed and studied different modules of Israel's air traveling and aviation systems. "This brought us valuable information regarding flight communication structures and processes in Israel."

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Source: FARS News Agency

















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