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Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak makes TV speech to squash health rumors




 by Joseph Ernest July 23, 2010


 Newscast Media --After rumors circulated that President Hosni Mubarak, 82, might be having health problems, the Egyptian president gave a televised speech in which he stood for 10 minutes, as a way of reassuring his nation and world leaders that he was in good health.


Speaking in reference to the 58th anniversary of the "July Revolution" Mubarak said, "We celebrate today the anniversary of the revolution, remembering in admiration and respect those who led it."  Mubarak also said, "While I look forward to parliamentary elections that push forward our democratic experience, I call on all political parties to come up with ideas and visions to deal with these priorities - on which there is no disagreement."


In regard to the economy he said, "Brother and sisters, economic growth and social justice are the goals we must aspire to today and tomorrow. We have made significant achievements on that front and we will achieve more." The president appeared healthy but thinner than usual.

In March this year, Mubarak flew to Germany to have gallblader surgery at Heidelberg University Hospital. During his three week absence, Mubarak temporarily handed the political reigns to his prime minister, Ahmed Nazif.

If Mubarak chooses not to run for a sixth six-year term in 2011, it is speculated that his son Gamal, 46, will likely succeed him. Both Mubarak and his son deny the rumors and speculation.  The annual speech commemorates the Egyptian military coup of 1952 led by General Neguib, Colonel Abdel Nasser and Colonel Anwar Sadat that ended the reign of the former King Farouk and his son Fu'ad II.                                         Add Comments>>                       







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