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Part I: The Morning Star Unveiled - Lucifer or Jesus Christ?

joseph earnest

The Transfiguration of Christ by RafaelSt. Peter's Basilica, Rome


by Joseph Earnest  December 28, 2012 


Newscast Media HOUSTON, TexasDuring the holiday season, most conversations tend to gravitate toward spiritual or religious-related topics.  One such conversation I found myself in the middle of, had to do with the "morning star" and who this star refers to. Luciferians believe Lucifer is the morning star and that one day he will overthrow God and rule the world.


 Luciferians also indoctrinate people that satan is Jesus Christ. Oddly enough, these same Luciferians swear that they are not satanists, which is oxymoronic.  Satan is the name of Lucifer in his fallen state.  Before Lucifer was kicked out of heaven, he was the most powerful cherub and was greater than all the other nine orders of angels. After his failed attempt to become like God, he was reduced to an unemployed cherub by the name of satan, whose mission has been to create counterfeit versions of God's glory.

Because Luciferians have the propensity to distort and manipulate the Holy Scriptures for their ulterior motives, I thought I would write an essay teaching and sharing insightful information with my readers, about the controversial and misunderstood subject of the morning star. I will use the word satanists and Luciferians interchangeably because they are the same group of people. This will also be part of the "Unveiled series" with many more exciting investigative topics Newscast Media will present to you, in order to expose the truth.

To give my readers a background of the ranking of celestial beings, I will list the nine orders of angelic beings starting with the highest in the celestial hierarchy. They are: (i) Seraphim (ii) Cherubim (iii) Thrones (iv) Dominions (v) Virtues (vi) Powers (vii)Principalities (viii) Archangels and (ix) Angels.

On a ride to the airport, the topic of the morning star came up, and the individual has convinced himself, that satan is Jesus Christ.  He bases this on a falsely-translated version of the bible in the book of Isaiah's fourteenth chapter, verse twelve.  The King James version has the correct translation and refers to Lucifer as "shining star, son of the morning". See below:joseph earnest

The King James Version KJV and the New Living Translation NLT, correctly translate the text referring to satan as "son of the morning", not morning star.

However, the New International Version NIV, whether intentional or unintentional, uses word-play and refers to Lucifer as "morning star, son of the dawn", thus attempting to equate satan to Jesus.  This verse is what satanists and Luciferians use, to convince others that satan is the same as Jesus Christ. See below:

joseph earnest

As you can see, this recent translation inaccurately refers to Lucifer as "morning star" while

earlier translations use "son of the morning". This is how Luciferians attempt to deceive

people that satan and Jesus are the same, yet it is all a disinformation campaign.

Nevertheless, for this to be true, the phrase "morning star" would have to be used exclusively to refer to satan, in other words, there would have to be only one "morning star" and not many others. We know that there are several other morning stars mentioned in the Holy Scriptures as we can see in the book of Job's thirty eighth chapter in the seventh verse that says: "The morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy." Find out who the sons of God are and the other morning stars mentioned in the Holy Scriptures, in Part II >>


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