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Barack Obama requests secret lunch with Mitt Romney

mitt romney

Former Republican presidential candidate, Honorable Gov. Mitt Romney

—Photo by Joseph Earnest


by Joseph Earnest  November 28, 2012  


Newscast Media WASHINGTONThe White House issued an announcement confirming an invitation extended by Barack Obama to his GOP opponent Mitt Romney, for a secret lunch together. No cameras, press, or observers are permitted to attend the lunch at the White House. Barack Obama wishes to extract advice from the good governor about how to run the country in his second term.


"There are certain aspects of Governor Romney's record and his ideas that I think could be very helpful," Obama told reporters. "To give you one example, I do think he did a terrific job running the Olympics, and that skill set of trying to figure out how do we make something work better applies to the federal government."


Obama also said, "He presented some ideas during the course of the campaign that I actually agree with.  So it would be interesting to talk to him about something like that. There may be ideas that he has with respect to jobs and growth that can help middle-class families that I want to hear."

"So I'm not either prejudging what he's interested in doing, nor am I suggesting I've got some specific assignment. But what I want to do is to get ideas from him and see if there are some ways that we can potentially work together," Obama added.

 A favorite in the South, Mitt Romney is known for attempting to speak in a southern accent to blend in with southerners.

Campaign trail video -- Impossible to keep a straight face listening to a northerner like Mitt Romney speak in a fake southern accent

Someone should have told Romney that those ain't no "cheesy grits" rather, they are referred to as "cheese grits" here in the South. Nice try though. Add Comments>>










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