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Missionary charged with illicit sex with children at African orphanage


KTLA screen-capture of Matthew Durham in Kenya at orphanage


by Joseph Earnest July 23, 2014   


Newscast Media OKLAHOMA CITYAn Oklahoma man who worked as a missionary in Africa has been charged by the FBI with traveling to Kenya to engage in illicit sexual conduct with underage children, announced Sanford C. Coats, United States Attorney for the Western District of Oklahoma.


According to KTLA the suspect was volunteering at a Kenyan children’s home when he allegedly raped and molested a number of young children.

Court records show, 19-year-old Matthew Durham confessed to raping several young girls, forcing some boys to perform oral sex on him and even making other kids watch.

"This is a young man in our community that made choices to exploit children in an orphanage," said United States Attorney Sanford Coats. "It's a true tragedy all the way around."

The 19-year-old suspect traveled overseas with a group called Upendo.

While Durham volunteered to travel overseas several times over the last two years, on his last visit, the criminal complaint alleges, "Durham requested to stay at the children's home in an 'overflow bunk' rather than at an offsite facility."

KTLA reported, once confronted, Durham allegedly came clean.

"A caretaker at the orphanage noticed something wasn't right and confronted Mr. Durham. He admitted to some of the acts," said Coats.

Herein lies the incompetency of African courts. The caretaker knows if this case had made it into an African court, the corrupt judges would have just winked at the rapist and let him walk.

It happened in a neighboring East African country where five (5) Pakistanis raped a girl, and the treacherous judges let the criminals walk. Absurd!

Lucifer has a special place in Hades for such traitors who betray the public trust and confidence, and don't deserve to represent one of the seven cardinal virtues named Justitia (Justice).

The seven cardinal virtues are: Temperance, Fortitude, Prudence, Justice, Faith, Hope and Divine Love or Charity (Caritas).

The scoundrels who sit on benches in African courts who call themselves judges, who are unwilling to dispense justice, have literally turned Africa into a Mecca for child molestors because of their reluctance to do their jobs. Foreigners understand this reality that's why expatriates flock to the Motherland to engage in activity they would never get away with in the West, where judges aren't easily compromised.

That's the problem with military regimes in Africa where one man, namely the president, controls all the courts, judges, police, military, village chiefs, hotels, malls, markets, lakes, rivers, fishing industries, agriculture, forests, power grids and banks. They can withdraw money at will from any bank because they view the country as their own personal property.

They mortgage their countries' future for their own personal financial gain because they are slaves to moneythe god they were born to serve.

Why do you think African leaders have problems stepping away from power?

When local African judges see how corrupt their leaders are, they too are encouraged to run a racket in the judiciary because the same evil and corrupt spirit from upper management besieges them through a process called impartation. It starts from the highest rank, to low-level clerks who expect you to bribe them, just to perform services they were hired to do.

Fortunately, the FBI understands how degraded the justice system is in Africa, that appears to protect criminals, while victims languish in misery, so they have their tentacles spread in practically every nation. They quickly released a press release to put Mr. Durham on blast and expose his crimes. (pop-up)

The caretaker was taking notes and passed them on to the American Embassy in Kenya that then passed them on to the FBI who have arrested and extracted Matthew Durham from Africa.

Durham is being held without bond (an impossibility in Africa for sex offenders) and faces the possibility of a life sentence for his sexual crimes while staying abroad.

Click here to see FBI federal lawsuit against Matthew Durham (pop-up)

Durham's excuse was that he struggles with pornography and that psychological voodoo made him do what he did. The FBI isn't buying that line of excuse.

These kids are someone's children, someone's nephews, someone's nieces, someone's granddaughters, someone's grandsons, who will now be scarred for the rest of their lives after being violateda process that is irreversible and could manifest later on in these children's lives as psychological disorders.   Add Comments>>















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