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New oil spill  in Michigan by Canadian company


michigan oil spill


 by Joseph Ernest July 27, 2010


Newscast Media Battle Creek Mich-- The Lakehead System Oil line carrying oil  Sarnia, Ontario has leaked over 800,000 gallons of oil, endangering wildlife and birds in southwestern Michigan.  The pipe belongs to Calgary-based Enbridge Inc., and carries crude oil from Griffith, Ind., to Sarnia.

Gina Jordan an Enbridge spokeswoman said,"We know that leak has had a major impact on people in that community and on the environment and on wildlife. Our crews are currently working on containment using booms and oil skimmers and vacuum trucks."

Enbridge does not know yet what caused the leak, but are working closely with the U.S. Fishing and Wildlife Services.  The leak started Monday and residents in the Battle Creek and Emmett Townships have been warned by authorities about the strong odor in the area.

"There are confirmed reports of birds impacted by the oil we're also working with Focus Wildlife, a rehabilitation contractor who is on site and they are setting up a decontamination and handling site for any affected wildlife. We're very much focused on the cleanup of the spill. There will be a thorough investigation of the incident," said Jordan.


This is the second major oil spill this year.  It comes right after BP is said to have contained the first one that occurred in the Gulf coast area.    

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