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Democrat Cynthia Tucker Believes Michael Steele Still Has His Job Because He is Black

 by Joseph Ernest July5, 2010




 Newscast Media -- Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele isn't getting much love from Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Cynthia Tucker, who referred to him as a "Self-aggrandizing, gaffe-prone incompetent who would have been fired a long time ago were he not black." 


Black Democrats haven't always been kind to Black Republicans from Clarence Thomas to Condoleezza Rice, because there seems to be some unwritten rule in the Black community that all Blacks are supposed to be Democrats and anyone who doesn't follow that group-think is a sell-out.  


One can only wonder how Barack Obama would have been treated by the Black community had he been a Republican.  Perhaps Steele should ask Tucker if she got her job for the same reason that she says he got his.  Add comments>>







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