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Exploited children in Mexico now have ally in christian Congresswoman

 by Joseph Earnest July4, 2010

 mexico children

 Newscast Media -- Over 3 million children between the ages of five and 17 in Mexico, are estimated to be vulnerable to poverty and human trafficking, according to a report issued by Mexico's National Institute of Statistics and Geography.  

Championing to bring change is Christian Congresswoman, Rosi Orozco, head of Mexico’s Special Committee to Combat Trafficking in Persons. Rosa Maria Orozco was elected to Mexico’s 500-seat Chamber of Deputies in July 2009. She is a member of the PAN party (National Action Party), which is led by President Felipe Calderón. Her main reason for entering politics is to curb child exploitation.

Orozco said, "My aim is to end the commercial and sexual exploitation of children in Mexico." She founded a shelter that takes care of girls and women involved in the sex trade before entering Congress.          Add comments>>







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