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How the corporate media manipulates stories to fool viewers


Corporate mediaPhoto by Joseph Earnest


by Joseph Earnest August 4, 2015


Newscast Media HOUSTONOne of the greatest tools the media has at its disposal in manipulating audiences, is the knowledge that we live in a civilization that finds it extremely hard to concentrate for long periods of time and stay focused on a particular subject. It is this weakness that has made most news consumers pawns in a chess game being controlled by the corporate media.


We see it everyday where people have great difficulty relaxing for a few hours if they are not engaged in something else. Go to any public park and look at the people either jogging to taking strolls. They are wearing headphones or earplugs, because the idea of just jogging and enjoying an evening run is boring if not incorporated with something else like listening to music.


Even simple acts like sitting on a train ride and enjoying the scenery is very difficult for many unless they are watching a movie, listening to music or texting a friend.


Anybody who has been to the movies knows how annoying it is to try to concentrate on big screen, while someone else is busy playing with his or her cell phone despite the message before the beginning of the movie that urges moviegoers to turn off their electronic devices.


Some would call that multi-tasking, which has its own place and time, but what would happen if someone were to go on vacation without all the gadgets that have created a deficit in the average person's attention?


There are some people who cannot fall asleep unless the television is on. When one turns of the television, they suddenly wake up. We have it all confused. It is supposed to be the other way around. Turning off the TV should cause someone to fall asleep, while turning it on should wake the same person up. No wonder we need alarm clocks because our circadian rhythms or biological clocks have been corrupted. People who are whole and healthy, hardly need alarm clocks and wake up everyday almost at the same timeperhaps 4 a.m. or 5 a.m.


When one goes to places like South America, Asia or Africa, it is not unusual to find people who can have conversations in their leisure time for two or three straight hours. In America that would be almost impossible, due to the addiction to technology, and the difficulty people have in savoring such special moments.


Even simple things like chewing food properly have become difficult for people in the West, particularly in America. You see people at restaurants, or in their own homes chewing food only a few times, then washing it down with a soda. It explains why this is a very constipated generation.


The communication skills that people had growing up in the 1960s, 70s and 80s to form true, solid friendships and relationship are almost non-existent in this generation. Remote connectivity has created a false sense of belonging. People can connect to Web servers and play online games with virtual friends, while social media and dating sites have platforms for electronic communication, yet in real life the skills and ability to sustain such relationships are very poor, particularly in developed countries.


The media knows this. It understands that the average person in the West has difficulty holding an uninterrupted thought for over 20 minutes, so they create distractions in order to manipulate news.


In Third World regions like Africa, people are also easily fooled, not because they cannot concentrate, but there is apathy when it comes to topics or issues that have depth and substance. It is the reason why think tanks are very rare in Africa, because such institutes would require people who appreciate depth of thought, yet the African has been slowly programmed to gravitate toward gossip and comedic acts, rather than the important aspects of life that can develop the continent and improve their lives.  


The American, on the other hand, has been slowly brainwashed to gravitate toward entertainment and sensationalism, to prevent the use of critical thinking in what is presented by the media. The result is, both people in the Third World and developed world are very easy to deceive through the use of advertising, sales gimmicks and media programming to create a distraction that prevents the viewers from concentrating on the important issues that affect their surroundings.


Some examples will be demonstrated in the coming paragraphs. Privacy is an issue that affects the lives of every American, and for many years, using the Patriot Act, the National Security Agency (NSA) had been covertly collecting data from Americans' phone records and storing it permanently without the knowledge of the people.


A lawsuit was filed against collection of private data by the NSA, and on May 7, in a 97-page ruling, the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit held that a provision in the US Patriot Act, known as Section 215, cannot be legitimately interpreted to allow bulk collection of domestic calling records.


This of course was a huge victory for Americans, as much as it was an enormous embarrassment and defeat for the Obama Administration. Yet the media had to create a diversion to prevent Americans from concentrating on what the ruling meant for them and the power that had been handed to them by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.


The solutiona story of a White woman who identifies as Black hit the airwaves. Before it could even sink into the minds of Americans that they could hold the federal government accountable for invading their privacy, the media decided to run the story of Rachel Dolezal president of a local NAACP chapter in Washington state who claimed to be Black.


The media understood the importance of sensationalism and how it could be used to distract its American audience as they ran the story. It worked. People quickly forgot about the very important court ruling regarding their privacy, as they consumed every bit of the Dolezal story.


Before that story was aired, several allegations, particularly in 2014, popped up of White policemen randomly shooting unarmed Blacks, more or less using them as target practice. To create a distraction, the media decided to run with another sensational storythe Bill Cosby alleged scandal. Every time a shooting would occur, an alleged Bill Cosby victim would also pop up, as distraction. One really has to hand it to the media for finding all these victims from 50 years ago and giving them a platform. When the shootings intesified last year, first they started running stories about the so-called "knockout game," then later in the year, the Ebola story was blown out of proportion, causing Americans to panick and forget about the cop killings. The Ebola story slowly died out, but the treacherous cops, whom an outsider could mistake for competitors with ISIS to see who is more ruthless, have continued their thuggish behavior.

In mid-July, a video of Planned Parenthood selling fetuses from aborted babies surfaced. Because this was extremely embarrassing to the liberals, once again to create a distraction from the important issue at hand, the corporate media, which is all liberal, would run the story of Cecil the African lion that was killed by a dentist, as a distraction to the important issue of Planned Parenthood crimes.

There was more outrage about one lion being killed than thousands of babies innocently being murdered for the purpose of having their body parts sold.

The losers in the Planned Parenthood scandal are Black women, since they commit the most abortions in America. They have to pay the doctor to kill their child, then the doctor turns around and makes a profit off of the Black women's dead children. While the Black woman is struggling to put food on her table, the abortionist is using the profits from the fetuses to pay off his yacht or vacation in Hawaii. Absurd!

There are many, many more incidents that could be named but these are just a few of them.

This manipulation of news is only possible because the audiences are compliant. There is a reason why the ruling elite hold powerful positions in society. They question everything and are able to stay focused. To defeat the news manipulation, people should become non-compliant and dig for their own facts. Once they have the truth, it will help them break free from the matrix. Add Comments>>
















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