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Undefeated Mayweather stops McGregor by TKO. Now 50-0

floyd mayweather

Floyd Mayweather cements his legacy with a 50-0 record, as he takes a bow.


by Joseph Earnest August 27, 2017


Newscast Media LAS VEGAS—Floyd Mayweather once and for all proved to the doubters that he is The Best Ever (TBE) after stopping Conor McGregor in the 10th round. By watching the highlights of the video, it is obvious that Mayweather could have ended the fight much earlier, but he said he wanted to give the fans their money's worth.


After downloading the data he needed to defeat McGregor handily, Mayweather, from the fourth round, took McGregor to the school of the sweet science (boxing), before mopping up the floor.


McGregor appears to have preferred to be completely knocked down to the canvas and felt the stoppage was a little too early.

"I thought the ref should’ve let me keep going. Let me go down. Let the man put me down," said McGregor after the fight.


Highlights of Mayweather taking McGregor to the school of "The Sweet Science".


In the end, Mayweather wore McGregor out and by the 10th round, and the referee, Robert Byrd, decided McGregor had taken enough punishment from Mayweather. As such,  he stopped the fight to prevent further damage from happening, since McGregor could barely stand and was being supported by the ropes.




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