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Part II: Uproar created by Obama-staying on "need to know" basis



by Joseph Earnest  March 21, 2012


 Newscast Media LOS ANGELES, CalifBowart believes that the cryptocracy is a brotherhood reminiscent of the ancient secret societies, with rites of initiation and indoctrination programs to develop in its loyal membership the special understanding of its mysteries. It has secret codes and oaths of silence which reinforce the sense of elitism necessary for the maintenance of its strict loyalty. It is automated, organized in the mode of a computer, where all have access to general knowledge and the most obvious aims and goals, but where the individual is isolated by tribal rituals and compartmentalization.

Since the cryptocracy violates every constitutional principle as a matter of course, and commits every crime known to man in the interest of "national security," it cannot entirely rely on the patriotism of its agents to keep its secrets. Therefore, no single individual is told more than he has a "need to know." (page 144)

As President of the United States and those around him, Obama, just like any other president, has to take precautionary measures to ward off any attempt by shady entities to sabotage the proper functioning of government.  Had the OWS movement kept its focus of addressing social ills in a non-threatening manner, I believe we wouldn't see the arrests we are seeing.  The movement forms perfect cover for infiltrators to commit crimes and go unnoticed.  Embedding oneself in such crowds, is described by Bowart as being "in the field".

"Its members are anonymous. Its funds are secret. Its operational history is secret. Even its goals are secret. The cryptocracy is designed to function like a machine. It also has the feelings of a machine—none at all. But, unlike a machine, it does have ambition. To it, human beings are so much cheap hardware who perform certain set functions which produce certain predetermined results. They are valued relative to cost and efficiency. The cryptocracy is the perfect cybernetic organism—pure logic at the planning level—nothing but automatic response in the field," according to Bowart. (page 145)

So the question is, did Obama sign the Trespass Bill and National Defense Resources Preparedness to initiate martial law, or did he sign them as deterrents based on intel that he received, that the public is unaware of?  A possible explanation can be found in Bowart's citing of the words of Philip Hilts, a writer.

Philip Hilts, describing the attitude prevalent in both the cryptocracy and prison bureaucracies, wrote: "There are three possibilities for criminals. The first is deterrent: Keep them from doing it again. The second is punishment: Knock the hell out of the bastards; they deserve it. The third is treatment: They're defective; let's fix them." Behaviorists who work the prison circuit hold that the last is the only humane way of reducing criminal behavior. According to David Rorvich, "Behavioral Engineers" are not out to change the world but to make man adjust to it. (pg 157)

If you look closely at the Trespass Bill, it not only acts as a deterrent for crime, but also includes punishment.  Most people think the Bankers are the most dangerous to humanity. Others believe it the expansion of government.  There is another group that believes endless wars, and famine are a greater threat. However, Walter Bowart believed that perhaps the greatest danger to freedom of thought and behavior is posed by the breed of psycho-scientists who call themselves "behaviorists." While most psychologists once concerned themselves with the study of human thought and the rich life of the mind, the behaviorists believe that man's problems can best be understood by studying his actions. What a man thinks, sees, feels, wants and knows—everything that a man is, behaviorists believe, can be most easily understood in terms of what he does.

According to Bowart's investigative findings, behaviorists have developed an unholy alliance with biochemists who together are exploring genetics, hoping to find the key for breeding selected behavioral characteristics. But beyond that, what some behaviorists are looking for is a genetic factor which controls anger, docility, and other personality tendencies.

"The day has come," said Professor James V. McConnel, head of the Department of Mental Health Research at the University of Michigan, "when we can combine sensory deprivation with the use of drugs, hypnosis, and the astute manipulation of reward and punishment to gain almost absolute control over an individual's behavior." Dr. McConnel expressed the sentiments of behavior modifiers who, like cryptocrats, believe that mankind's salvation resides in the control of individual behavior in an engineered society. But engineered by whom?

" . . . We want to reshape our society drastically," McConnel said, "so that all of us will be trained from birth to want to do what society wants us to do. Today's behavioral psychologists are the architects and engineers who are shaping the Brave New World of Tomorrow." (pages 156-157)

The cryptocracy recruited their agents from among people who had already demonstrated a violent nature, people who had few reservations about harming or hurting other people. No homicidal maniacs were recruited because they could not be controlled. Part III- Uproar by Obama-find out who controls America>>

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