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Malaysian flight's new twist prompts criminal investigation


by Joseph Earnest  March 17, 2014


Newscast Media KUALA LUMPUR—After Malaysian Prime Minister revealed at a press conference on Saturday that Flight 370 had been deliberately steered in a different direction, a criminal investigation has officially been launched.


The New York Times reported Prime Minister Najib Razak of Malaysia said Saturday afternoon that he would seek the help of governments across a large expanse of Asia in the search for the Boeing 777, which has been missing for a week and had 239 people on board.


Angry relatives of passengers, however, believe the Malaysian government knows the whole truth about what happened but is engaged in a cover up.

"Only the Malaysia government knows the truth. They've been talking nonsense since the beginning," said Wen Wancheng, following a meeting with airline officials in Beijing as the search entered its 10th day.

"You hid the whereabouts from the beginning and after seven to eight days you discovered it? That was the best time to launch a rescue," added the 63-year-old from the eastern province of Shandong, whose son was aboard the missing jet," according to reports by Al Manar News.

Others like media mogul and owner of the FOX News empire Rupert Murdoch believes the plane might be somewhere in Pakistan, as shown in his Tweet below:

This theory seems plausible since Malaysian Prime Minister Razak confessed that indeed there was a signal that covered a large arc somewhere around the Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan border, that goes all the way down to the Indian ocean, over 1,000 miles West of Australia.

Based on that information, Newscast Media mapped the area, and indeed Pakistan falls within that region, and it is one of the countries that is hostile to the West since it has had to endure hundreds of drones strikes.

The Malaysian government is probably under "lock and key" from the West not to release information "wholesale" to the public, that's why they are spoon-feeding the media with bits of information to ensure maximum damage-control.

joseph earnest

Flight 370 took off the runway and flew north, then shut down its radar and was diverted to the arc between the India Ocean (purple arrow) and the Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan border. Pakistan lies within that region (brown arrow), and the Hindu Kush mountains would be a safe place to hide such a huge object. Interestingly enough, there is no video of the plane taking off at Kuala Lumpur airport.



Using the available information that has been gathered, the distance between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing is the same as that between Kuala Lumpur and northern Pakistan, where the brown arrow ends.


It is therefore plausible that FOX's Rupert Murdoch isn't just pulling rabbits out of a hat, but the old man knows something we don't know.   Add Comments>>















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