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Genetically engineered 'Malaria Proof' mosquito developed by scientists

 by Joseph Ernest July 17, 2010


 Newscast Media -- According to a report in the journal Public Library of Pathogen Sciences, a mosquito has been genetically created that has the ability to instantly destroy the malaria pathogen.

Dr. Michael Riehle a professor at the University of Arizona and a co-author of the new PLoS Pathogens paper said, "We were surprised how well this works. We were just hoping to see some effect on the mosquitoes' growth rate, lifespan or their susceptibility to the parasite. But it was great to see that our construct blocked the infection process completely."

If these mosquitoes are successfully introduced into the wild, they could prevent millions of people from developing malaria, a life-threatening disease.  However, scientists say they are about a decade away from releasing the mosquitoes into the wild.                            Add comments>>







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