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Louisiana floods slowly spread to Texas as storm moves west

houston floods

A flooded street in HoustonPhoto by Joseph Earnest


by Lee Mijares August 15, 2016


Newscast Media HOUSTON, TexasLouisiana is currently battling the worst flood in the state's history with more than 7,000 people rescued from their homes and vehicles. The rising flood waters also left five people dead.

And as Louisiana braces for more rains in the coming days, National Weather Service warned Texas to get ready as the low pressure system has inched its way to the area.

Gavin Phillips, National Weather Service meteorologist said that there is still a possibility for more floods since quite a number of rivers drain to the Gulf of Mexico. Most of the rivers are still rising and the worst parts are located in East Baton Rouge Parish and the area created by Interstates 55, 10, and 12 plus the Livingston and Ascension Parishes.

emergency system

Disaster and rescue teamPhoto by Joseph Earnest

Phillips said that flooding could appear later in the week as the water arrives from south of Ascension to St. James Parish.

U.S. President orders disaster declaration

President Barack Obama issued a disaster declaration for Louisiana on Sunday. Governor John Bel Edwards said that more than 7,000 people as well as hundreds of pets have been stranded because of the unprecedented flooding. They have since been rescued, along with the people marooned in cars, water-filled homes, and flooded hospitals and nursing homes all across the state.

The declaration will make federal aid available for the ravaged parishes of Livingston, St. Helena, Tangipahoa, and Baton Rouge. More parishes could be added to this list according to Gov. Edwards.

It is expected that more rains will come soon from the Gulf Coast towards the Ohio Valley and this prompted the governor to urge people to remain vigilant and to stay inside as much as possible.

Louisiana State Police Colonel Michael Edmonson reported that rescue helicopters were not just used for rescuing people from flooded homes, but also for transporting water and food to residents. Aside from this, people who are seriously ill and those that need medical emergency were also first priority.

The Louisiana National Guard has deployed around 1,700 members to aid in the rescue efforts of the authorities.

Flash flood watches were in place until Monday in Houston. There were at least five deaths reported in Louisiana because of the rushing floodwaters. The latest victim was recovered Sunday at the Tangipahoa Parish. The body was swept away by the deluge.

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