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Britain's Cameron says London attack was a betrayal of Islam

london attack


by Joseph Earnest May 23, 2013


Newscast Media LONDONBritish Prime Minister David Cameron has said the brutal killing of a soldier by two suspected Islamists was an attack on Britain and its way of life. He has labeled the killing "a betrayal of Islam."

Cameron spoke on Thursday following the attack the day before, in which a soldier was brutally murdered in broad daylight near army barracks in London, by two men shouting Jihadist slogans.

Cameron held an emergency meeting of his intelligence chiefs to analyze the response to what he has labeled a "terror" attack, which is the first to strike mainland Britain since dozens were killed in London in 2005 by local Islamists.

"We will never give in to terror or terrorism in any of its forms," Cameron told reporters outside his Downing Street residence.

"This was not just an attack on Britain and on the British way of life, it was also a betrayal of Islam and of the Muslim communities who give so much to our country. There is nothing in Islam that justifies this truly dreadful act," Cameron said.

On Wednesday May 22, ITV news broadcast footage taken at the scene in which a man carrying a knife and a meat cleaver in his blood-covered hands told the camera: "We swear by almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you."

"You people will never be safe. Remove your government. They don't care about you," he said.

Both suspects in the attack are in custody after being shot by police.

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 Source: Radio Deutsche Welle











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