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Lindsey Graham is considering revising 14th amendment




 by Joseph Ernest July 29, 2010


Newscast Media -- Senator Lindsay Graham is considering introducing legislation that would overturn the 14th amendment and end birthright citizenship of people who come to America illegally. Graham said, "I would like to deal with the 12 million (illegals) firmly and squarely.  You can't stay here on your own terms.  You have to learn English. You have to pay fines, you have to get in the back of lines if you want to be a citizen."

 Graham says he might introduce a constitutional amendment that changes these rules.  Right now if a non-citizen has a child in America, the child automatically becomes a U.S. citizen.

 "Birth-right citizenship, I think is a mistake, we should change our constitution and say that if you come here illegally and have a child, that child is not automatically a citizen," said Graham.   Read Comments>>

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