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Hillary Clinton makes fatal error in her gay support announcement

hillary clinton


by Joseph Earnest March 19, 2013


Newscast Media WASHINGTONNo sooner had Hillary Clinton made a public declaration that she supported and endorsed homosexual marriage, than members who are likely to be of her own party decided to conspire against her. The purpose is to sabotage her chances for a 2016 presidential run.  Everybody knew that Clinton was pro gay because she attempted to push that agenda on African nations before she finally backed away.


After Clinton goes public, coincidentally, a hacker starts leaking private emails and communication that she engaged in over the years.  The question everybody is asking is, "Where are the emails, and what is the content therein?"


Leaking the emails to the media will do no good, because the media fiercely protects Liberals, and will simply bury the story.  So it makes no sense for the media to say that there are incriminating emails being floated around, while the same media itself is unwilling to reveal the contents.


One could argue that the reason the emails are not being released is because it would take the sting out of them, since 2016 is a little over two years ahead, so it would be best to use them during the 2016 election cycle to derail her.


That sounds logical, but who and why would anybody do this to Hillary?  Why didn't Hillary change her username and password every few months to protect her accounts? The people who could have had access to her email accounts are obviously former staffers, which means that amongst her staffers, there was a plant who gained access to her confidential communication.  This will cause a great problem for the Democrats because Clinton already has enough baggage, and just as they sidelined her in 2008 and picked Barack Obama, an unknown and junior senator at the time, it would not be surprising if Democrats are already looking for a Clinton replacement because so much is at stake for them.


Republican strategists like Karl Rove, should they get their hands on these emails, (which they likely already have) would secretly plot with Hillary's Democrat adversaries, to set up who the nominees of both parties will be, come 2016.


While U.S. news outlets are sitting on the emails, Russian state news agency Russia Today is already releasing excerpts of the emails. (pop-up)


Sun Tzu in his Art of War said, "O divine art of subtlety and secrecy! Through you we learn to be invisible, through you inaudible; and hence we can hold our enemy's fate in our hands." (pg 33)


Barack Obama secretly hosts Papa Bush and Jeb Bush in the Oval Office - White House Photo


By coming out early and expressing her views on homosexuality, Hillary Clinton, in essence, put the Democrats on alert that she intended to run. That's the M.O.  Yet, she has also given her adversaries ammunition to use against her.  If you notice, Jeb Bush asked CPAC 2013 organizers to exclude him from the straw poll.

"We asked not to be included," Bush spokeswoman Jaryn Emhof said. "As Gov. Bush has said repeatedly, it is too early to think about 2016." (pop-up)

It is also a known fact that Jeb Bush has already assembled a team of staffers, and has said that he does not rule out a presidential run in 2016. (pop-up)

Ask yourself this question, who do you think Obama would like to see replace him, Hillary Clinton, who felt the nomination was stolen from her, or Jeb Bush?  If you're Obama, you're thinking: "Now, if Hillary becomes president, considering the dirty games I played to snatch the nomination from her in 2008, she could leak some of my files to the public to delegitimize me, since she'll have access to all the classified information.  Word is, her camp leaked all the Jeremiah Wright info and the Birther issue to the media. I could see a repeat of that if she  becomes president. Nevertheless, I'll just use her and her husband as my puppets, to help me push the gay agenda, since I promised the voters that after re-election, I would not push the gay issue.

"On the other hand, I've looked at all the files of Papa Bush and Dubya. They have just as much dirt as I have, so one of their own is a lot more likely to protect my files. In this case, I'll stick with Jeb. However, in order to camouflage my support for all things Bush, every once in a while, I'll put on a nice little side-show to fool the public by blaming Dubya for the economy, to make-believe that I am against the Bush family. Meanwhile, behind closed doors, I'll flip the script, and wink at them. Heck, I'll even secretly host Papa Bush and Jeb, to reassure the old man that his CIA files are secure and that Jeb is next in line--and the media will not even be aware of the visit nor will it be included in the White House logs." (pop-up)

It has been Papa Bush's wish to see his son Jeb run for president, and there is no doubt that Jeb will honor his father in his closing years, as any good son would do. The grandson George P. is already running for office here in Texas, and last year I wrote an extensive article called Bush Family: The Making Of A President, in which I featured Papa Bush publicly asserting he wants to see Jeb Bush as president of these United States. (pop-up)

Keep an eye on the "San Antonio twins" it will not be surprising if one of them gives Hillary the run for her money, because with Liberals, even if one has only been mayor of San Antonio, as long as the media promotes him, it can turn such a person into presidential material. Clinton made a fatal error by speaking out too soon, and now she'll either have to abandon her own ship, if the contents of the leaked emails are damning to her, or she'll have to find a way to convince Democrat operatives to overlook her flaws and instead say to her, "How great thou art!" Add Comments>>   






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