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Russia exposes leaked call entangling U.S. in Ukraine crisis



by Joseph Earnest  February 7, 2014


Newscast Media MOSCOW—While the UN is busy trying to resolve the Ukraine crisis through peaceful dialogue, a leaked phone call that was posted on Youtube indicates that behind the scenes, Washington is a major player in the chess game.


This crisis is as a result of Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovych's decision to reject a partnership agreement with the European Union, and instead accept aid from Russia to solidify Ukraine's relationship with its long-time neighbor.  The EU had hoped to lure Ukraine by offering it a path to membership within the bloc, but Putin advised Yanukovych not to fall into the trap.


As a result, the Ukraine is now divided.  A segment of the population wants to join the EU, while another sees that as a loss of the control the Ukraine enjoys over its resources and markets, since it will be subject to EU regulations.



Frustrated that the European Union was monkeying around instead of playing hardball, U.S Assistant Secretary of State is heard in a phone call using an expletive word as she tells her guest, "F*** the EU."


Putin views the entrance of Ukraine into the EU as the US encroaching on Russia's territory, giving America a foothold into Eastern Europe, right in Putin's backyard.


Putin therefore finds it imperative to hold on to this piece of real estate (Ukraine) by convincing Yanukovych not to accept any financial aid from the EU, as Russia will meet all those needs, since it too has a strong economy.


Ukraine's strategic importance is that it acts as a transit for Russia's oil and gas to Europe, since Russia controls the largest oil field in the world.


He determined that the best way to convince Ukrainians the US is responsible for the divisions in the Ukraine was to point to a leaked recording of a phone call that is no amateurish job.  The interception was done by professionals, which is evident by the crystal clarity of Victoria Nuland's voice. There is no static whatsoever or any "break-ups" as is common in low-end interceptions by hackers.


Could it be a job done by the KGB to send a message to Washington that it too can tap phone calls emanating from the District, and Russia might spill more secrets that could embarrass Barack Obama and his handlers if they don't back off Ukraine? Only Putin who probably is having a good laugh, can answer that question.  


One thing is certain, Obama has to be concerned about how much Putin has on him, and how far the Soviets will are willing to go in order to check-mate Washington, if Obama continues to play hardball with Russia.


The US initially did not acknowledge or deny the authenticity of the Ukraine recording, but instead shifted the focus to Russia and accused it of intercepting the call.


Later on, Nuland reportedly apologized to the EU for the remarks she made.

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