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N.Korea vows to punish South mercilessly with its military



by Joseph Earnest  October 19, 2012  


Newscast Media PYONGYANGThe North Korean army threatened Friday to carry out a "merciless military strike" against South Korea next week, in a serious escalation of cross-border tensions. The Korean People's Army (KPA) vowed to initiate the strike if a group of North Korean defectors now living in the South went ahead with plans to scatter propaganda leaflets next Monday from balloons floated over the border.
"The moment a minor movement for the scattering is captured... a merciless military strike by the Western Front will be put into practice without warning," the KPA said in a statement carried on the official Korean Central News Agency.
Residents in and around the area where the activists plan to launch their balloons should "evacuate in anticipation of possible damage. The surrounding area will become targets of direct firing of the KPA," the statement said, adding: "The KPA never makes empty talk."

South Korea vows it will not leave the threat unanswered, saying it would return fire.

"If (a North Korean strike) were to happen, there would be a perfect response against the source of the attack," Defense Minister Kim Kwan-jin told a parliamentary committee, Reuters reported.

Korean Central News Agency also warned inhabitants of the border region to leave the area of Imjingak "in anticipation of possible damage."

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