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Trump upbeat about upcoming meeting with N. Korea's Kim

kim jung un

by Joseph Earnest January 21, 2019


Newscast Media MOSCOWPresident Donald Trump feels optimistic about his next meeting with North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un and expects real progress on denuclearization, Vice President Pence said Sunday.


"We will be laying out our expectation for North Korea to take concrete steps to begin to make real the denuclearization that KimJong-un committed to. The president is very optimistic," Mike Pence told Fox News.

Pence called the communication he had seen between the two leaders "truly remarkable."

Commenting on Trump's attitude, the vice president said that the US president believes "we can make real progress," and Washington would continue to strive for ridding the Korean Peninsula of nuclear weapons.

Mike Pence's remarks come after the White House said this week that the second summit would be held at the end of February. The location will be announced later. The first landmark meeting took place in Singapore last June. Add Comments >>

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