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Kelsey Lewis serenading the crowds at the Texas GOP Convention

kelsey lewis performing america the beautiful

by Joseph Earnest  June 12, 2012


Newscast Media FORT WORTH, TexasThe 2012 Texas GOP Convention took place last weekend at the Fort Worth Convention center, and among the many guests were Kelsey Lewis, an aspiring performing artist from Keller, Texas, Herman Cain, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson and many more.  Kelsey performed America The Beautiful  in front of thousands of Texans who attended the event.  


Another special guest at the convention was former presidential candidate Senator Rick Santorum, who mingled with the crowd before speaking at the fundraising gala, which was an invitation-only event.  

Videography by Joseph Earnest


Kelsey Lewis performs her rendition of America The Beautiful at the  Texas GOP Convention

Senator Rick Santorum takes some time out to mingle with convention attendees



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