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Kelsey Lewis-Celebrating The Biggest Party On Earth



Singer and Songwriter Kelsey Lewis


by Joseph Earnest  July 3, 2012                   


Newscast Media HOUSTON, TexasEvery nation, throughout history, produces a string of patriots, some of whom are patriotic out of obligation, others are patriots out of fear, while some are patriotic out of convenience. All the above-mentioned forms of patriotism are counterfeit, because they are not based on virtue. As we celebrate the biggest party on earth, America's birthday, I wish to present to you an interview with Kelsey Lewis, a singer and songwriter from Texas, who exhibits the purest form of patriotismone that is based on love for country.


Kelsey and her family are ardent readers of my articles and as friends of Newscast Media, are joining us in the 4th of July holiday festivities. As a child, Kelsey's parents always knew she would pursue something in the performing arts.


"I've been singing since I was a small child, but I don't think I really understood how strong my passion for it was, until second grade, at my first school talent show. My parents were not surprised, but were very excited.  My dad said that as a baby, my cries were melodic," she said.


As she continues to develop her gift, she is also refining her songwriting skills. "Songwriting for me is a process.  As I have grown musically… I have grown in my songwriting.  I am not writing the same as I did two years ago," Kelsey recalls.  "I think it is encouraging to see growth in my writing, because I go through different things in my life at different times. And because I express my life through my music, whatever is on my heart at the time is what I write about."


"We are taking our time, giving her a chance to learn and grow and recognize all the pitfalls that can happen along the way," her mother Tammy Lewis adds." We are in waiting mode right now for what God has in store for her.  It can be hard to wait, because I want everyone to hear her music, but I know that it is better for her to not rush.  She needs time around those who love her, and have her best interest at heart before she enters the world where they may not."


As a performing artist, Kelsey Lewis is not structured, and does not follow a particular set of guidelines while creating her music.  She says it is a little different for her, whenever she writes songs. Every idea, as unique and different as it can be, manifests itself in a variety of ways. But she usually begins with a chorus and then branches off into verses.


"I start with a main idea then move into details. The hard part is that I don't play an instrument, so when it comes to recording, it can be a challenge.  I have to find the right musicians, instruments, and the sound that matches what I originally heard in my head.  We are currently going through this process with all of my songs, preparing them to be recorded and released," Kelsey said.


Kelsey recently performed America The Beautiful at the Texas GOP Convention, and Newscast Media captured her performance below. Watch:


Kelsey Lewis performs her rendition of America The BeautifulVideography by Joseph Earnest


Of the many recording artists who inspire Kelsey, the ones who have had a profound effect upon her are Taylor Swift and Civil Wars.

"I absolutely adore Taylor Swift for her writing. She is a genius in putting words together in such a way that leaves a fragrance of beauty and poetry with a simplistic and vulnerable truth.  She tells us her life, whether heartbreaking or heart stopping, making sure not to forget the little details that make her stories real. Then I love The Civil Wars," Kelsey continues,  "Because of their musical compatibility.  Their voices harmonize together like milk and honey; so sweet and so inviting. Their style in itself is so unique and beautiful.  I can feel every word they sing and every note they write as one plays on the piano and the other guitar."


Even though Kelsey has had challenges along the way as an artist, in regard to building a fan base of loyal listeners, since she is still new on the scene, the pillar that supports her is her mom who is also her greatest cheerleader.


"I love my mom to the moon and back again.  She has helped me through so much and has pushed and supported me, like no one else. I don't know what I would've done, or where I would be in my musical journey without her.  You know how they say 'behind every great man is a great woman?'  Well for me…'behind every artist is one heckuva mom!'"


Kelsey's faith is also a source of sustenance. "I absolutely have fears and doubts, but as a Christian, I believe that life is going to happen; hard times are going to come. People, places and things are bound to change, but as long as my trust is set firmly in Christ, I will always be okay," she said.


Tammy Lewis her mom continues, "I want her to be able to take all the gifts that she has been given, and use them to bring glory to God, bring happiness to others and to bring complete fulfillment to herself.  And of course, if she can make a great career out of what she loves to do, that is all that a Mom can ask for. I want her to fight to always have balance in her life. Because if she does enter this business as a career, it will tear at her balance.  I want her to have her dreams come true, but be able to maintain a family life at the same timewhich will take a level head and a strong ability to keep her priorities in check in order to live a balanced life.  I want her to always share her heart and be truthful in every aspect of her life.  As she grows in life and in her music career, she is going to face many challenges and my hope for her is that she will stay well grounded in who she is."


Kelsey beautifully summarizes our interaction by saying, "I want to get to the point where I can share my emotions, stories and experiences, to help relate with other people. I believe music is the language in which everyone speaks, no matter where they are from, or what their culture is."


When one listens and watches Kelsey perform, it becomes apparent that she is able to connect with the consciousness of her audience, as she communicates her lyrical ideas through impartation.  


It is with my journalistic discernment that I am compelled to splendidly proclaim, that through her natural gift of song, Kelsey Lewis will continue to be greatly esteemed by audiences, public and private, as she immortalizes the lyrics conceived by her mind...the melodies embedded in her heart...and the musical notes expressed through her voice.


Since music, in its absolute sovereignty transcends Time, and since eternity existed before Time, the reverberations of the songs Kelsey Lewis sings within the confines of Time, will become her manifest expression, throughout eternity.


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