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Steve Jobs' monument to be sold and banished from Russia

steve jobs monument


by Joseph Earnest December 1, 2014   


Newscast Media MOSCOW—First, a monument to Steve Jobs was taken down in St. Petersburg last month; now it is to be sold at auction and removed from Russia.

A big mock iPhone that served as a monument to the late Apple CEO  was removed from its location a month ago, a casualty of badly strained relations between Moscow and the West and persistent anti-gay activism in Russia.

Maksim Dolgopolov, head of the company that had placed the monument on the grounds of an IT University in St. Petersburg in 2013, told journalists on December 1 that bidding would start at 5 million rubles ($100,000).

He said the monument will be sold on condition that it is removed from Russia and the proceeds are used for scholarships for Russian IT developers.

The monument was taken down after Jobs' successor, Tim Cook, came out publicly as gay. Add Comments>>

 Source: Radio Free Europe














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