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Israel and South Sudan sign treaty over rights of River Nile


by Joseph Earnest  July 30, 2012                   


Newscast Media AUSTIN, Texas—Last week, South Sudan and Israel, specifically Israel Military Industries Ltd. signed an agreement to cooperate on River Nile water infrastructure and technology development during a ceremony at the Knesset.

The new agreement with Israel could potentially allow South Sudan "to transfer its oil to Israeli refineries", which the country also lacks.

"This way we will help you solve various problems in your area," Minister of Water and Irrigation, Paul Mayom Akec said. "We will be pleased to examine this," reported the Sudan Tribune. (pop-up)

While all the other nations were asleep, Israel saw business potential, and this time it wasn't about to let the Chinese or American investors snatch this golden opportunity from it.

"We see this as a privilege to be the first [sector in Israel] to sign an agreement with the new state," Energy and Water Minister Uzi Landau said in a statement aimed at Akec Paul Mayom, water and irrigation minister of South Sudan. "We will continue to do everything possible in order to assist you. You are among friends."                          The Jerusalem Post published the utterances here. (pop-up)


south sudan

                               The White Nile runs through South Sudan


This agreement certainly does not sit well with Egypt and Sudan. There was an outcry in Egypt and Sudan over last week's signing of a cooperation agreement between Israel and South Sudan on water infrastructure and technology development. Warnings abounded that the pact between the government in Juba and Israeli Military Industries Ltd posed a threat to the water security of the two downstream countries and should be countered. Largely overlooked was the fact that their own inaction was mostly to blame for it, according to Al Akhbar (pop-up).



All eyes on DR Congo for its natural resources


Perhaps the richest African country in natural resources is DR Congo.  Currently, the country is experiencing a tumultuous period as foreign armies seek to seize its resources.


Rwanda has been accused by the Netherlands, Great Britain and the U.S. of backing rebels in DR Congo, and the three nations have withheld financial aid to the embattled nation, according to a report by Press TV. (pop-up)


DR Congo is an important country because of its abundant freshwater supply and natural resources that are coveted by outside eyes.  Once the country becomes stable, it will be a magnet for foreign nations, just like what is happening in South Sudan.


Unfortunately Africa has been cursed with leaders who (with the exception of a handful), have failed to look out for the best interests on the Native Africans, and have engaged in unjust enrichment for themselves and families. Africa has no reason to be part of the Third World considering how rich it is. It should belong in the same sentence as Japan, Germany and Canada.            Add Comments>>         






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