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U.S. rejects U.N. treaty to police and regulate the Internet



by Joseph Earnest  December 13, 2012 


Newscast Media WASHINGTON, D.CA treaty that would have given the UN approval to censor and regulate the Internet has been rejected by the US, which has refused to sign the document.

"The United States has announced today that it cannot sign the treaty's provisions in their current form," said Terry Kramer, the U.S. ambassador to the World Conference on International Telecommunications.

Click here to read or download entire treaty. (pop-up)

The treaty has been debated at a conference in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, sponsored by the International Telecommunication Union, a United Nations organization

"The resolution doesn't have teeth to it... At the end of the day, these (agreements) are not legally binding...They are much more normative and values-oriented," Kramer added.


"The United States has consistently believed that the scope of the treaty does not extend to Internet governance or content," Kramer said in a news conference call. "Other administrations have made it clear that they believe the treaty should be extended to cover those issues so we cannot be a part of that consensus," he concluded.

This should put to rest all the rumors and fearmongering being spread about the UN taking over the Internet. It's not happening in the USA.  Add Comments>>








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