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Indians gang-rape Nigerian woman inside moving car

inside job


by Joseph Earnest Febraury 20, 2015


Newscast Media NEW DEHLIIn yet another incident of crime against women in the Indian capital, a Nigerian national was gang-raped inside a moving vehicle and dumped in East Delhi’s Mayur Vihar late on Thursday night, The Hindu reported.

Four persons have been arrested in this connection on Friday afternoon.

According to The Hindu, some security guards at the toll plaza in Chilla village adjacent to Mayur Vihar noticed her late on Thursday night and made a call to the police.

“The accused men had picked up the woman from a farmhouse in Saket, promising to drop her home in South Delhi but instead drove in another direction and took turns in raping her. The accused men also snatched the woman’s bag containing cash and mobile phone before dumping her near Chilla village,” a police officer said.

A security guard posted at the toll plaza noticed the woman. He saw her collapse on the ground and made a call to the police control room. A call regarding the incident was received around 2-40 a.m. after which the woman was taken to Lal Bahadur Shastri hospital,” the officer added.

Till late on Friday, the woman was not in a state to record her statement. A case under sections of rape has been registered at Mayur Vihar police station, The Hindu reported.

Last year another African woman from Uganda made international headlines after she too became a victim of rape by Indians, which has put African women in India on alert, since they appear to be targets of this abhorrent behavior.

Prasanto Roy, a Delhi-based writer says the reason Africans are targets is because Indians consider them "low risk".

"A part of the reason is the lower probability of an African country assisting its citizens, or filing an official protest with the Indian government, when compared with, say, a European country,"  he explains in this article. (pop-up)

While, several African leaders claim to have fought for liberation, it is apparent that they fought to liberate themselves from poverty, as they could not compete in the real world on their own merit, and have resorted to hijacking and looting their national treasuries because that is "easy money" for them.

If the African so-called leader is not concerned about the well-being of the native African at home, Roy's article makes sense that African leaders, (unlike Europeans) are less likely to be concerned about their citizenry abroad, when their well-being is in danger.

The hopelessness in Africa and frustration about the current crop of African leaders has prompted the youth, to use extreme measures, some of which are comical, to get the attention of their leaders about the dires straits they are living in.

Phil Wilmot who works with a non-profit group in Uganda, for example, reports that Uganda is the world’s youngest country with a median age of 15 years, and also the African country with the highest rate of youth unemployment.

A few days ago, a group of youths dropped off pigs painted yellow in the capital city to send a message that, "NRM politicians are greedy pigs," Wilmot wrote in this news story. (pop-up)

As for the rapes happening to African nationals in India with impunity, this only helps reverse and reinforce Dr. Idi Amin's legacy, who was seen as a dictator for expelling Indians from his country, and will eventually be regarded by Africans as a freedom fighter, who acted in the interest of the native African.  Add Comments>>













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