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Indian minister's remarks about rape create outrage in India



by Joseph Earnest  June 6, 2014   


Newscast Media NEW DELHIThere is outrage across India over a minister from the ruling BJP party who said that rape was "sometimes right, sometimes wrong." The remarks come as the country reels from a series of brutal gang rapes

According to Deutsche Welle, the home minister of the central Madhya Pradesh state, Babulal Gaur, described rape as a social crime, saying "sometimes it's right, sometimes it's wrong", he not only sparked a huge controversy in the vast South Asian nation, but also invited the wrath of social media. The minister from PM Narendra Modi's ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) also insisted that governments could not ensure that women do not get raped.

The remarks triggered heated reactions from the Opposition Congress party, and protests broke out outside the minister's home on Friday, June 6, with women activists staging a sit-in demonstration and demanding his resignation.

"Gaur does not deserve to be home minister if women have to protect themselves against criminals," Mandvi Chouhan, a member of the opposition Congress Party, told Deutsche Welle.

Social media users, too, were quick to denounce Gaur. "A woman in India is raped every 20 minutes, whereas people like Babulal Gaur make stupid comments every 10 minutes," Magat Jhunjhunwala wrote on Twitter.

The Indian home minister's remarks are the latest in the series of controversial statements made by the country's lawmakers. Two months ago, Mulayam Singh Yadav, another politician, challenged the death penalty handed out to three men convicted in the gang-rape of two women in India's financial capital Mumbai.

Meanwhile, in neighboring Pakistan, babies that are born out of wedlock are being put to death, by stoning, hanging or burning, while some are just dumped in trash cans and left to die.

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