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2012 election


Poll: Romney widens lead among Independent voters

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 by Joseph Earnest  October 11, 2012     

Newscast Media HOUSTON, TexasAfter a dynamic performance at the debates, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has widened his lead among the most coveted voters who decide elections—the Independents.  

Independent voters are neither Democrat nor Republican, and party loyalties or media hype are not a decisive factor with this particular group. That's the reason why candidates always spend more money in "swing states" that can make an election go either way.

The latest reading is based on data collected from Oct. 4, the day after the first presidential debate, through Oct. 9. The prior day's 2-point spread included polling done before last Wednesday's debate, in which Romney was widely seen as the victor.

"The jump from 2 points to 5 is because the days prior to the debate were removed from analysis," explained Raghavan Mayur, president of TechnoMetrica Market Intelligence, IBD's pollster. "The impact of the debate is fully reflected in the latest data."

Romney's strength among whites applies to both men and women. White men back him 64%-28%, a cavernous 36-point difference compared with the 16-point (57%-41%) advantage McCain had. White women favor Romney 52%-39%, and numbers for single White women aren't much different — 52% to 41% for Romney.

The entire spectrum of the daily tracking poll can be viewed here (pop-up) which includes household income, age, education, gender, ideology, race, investor class and party. Romney also leads in the general by five (5) points.  Add Comments>>







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