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Highlights of the 2013 Presidential Inauguration in D.C.


The Obamas wave to the crowd at the Inaugural Parade in Washington D.C. on Monday Jan 21, 2013

Photo by Joseph Earnest


by Joseph Earnest  January 26, 2013


Newscast Media HOUSTON, TexasIn order to cover the presidential inauguration effectively, three ingredients are necessary: Sound judgment, discernment and timing. The parade is the most challenging of any inaugural event because it is extremely hard to predict the spot where the president will step out of the presidential limo. If one covers the swearing-in ceremony, it would be almost impossible to make it to the parade due to the size of the crowds. So something's got to give.


I took shots of the crowd that was attending the swearing-in, and decided early on to spend more time covering the parade.  This is where all my instincts and sound judgment would come into play.



 Both sides of the streets were filled, as attendees tried to second-guess where exactly the presidential limo would stop. Photo by Joseph Earnest


I had my press pass around my neck, and at around 12 noon, I picked my spot, then went into a restaurant. I met some ladies who were avid Obama supporters, and because I was wearing a media credential, they asked me to take a photo of them. I graciously did so and promised to email them the link to the page after uploading the photos.


obama supporters

I met these ladies at a restaurant between 7th and 8th street on Pennsylvania Avenue. They had an Obama throw, as you can see in the background. This photo is theirs to keep. Photo by Joseph Earnest



obama fan

Another smiling face at the restaurant excited about the festivities.Photo by Joseph Earnest


After leaving the restaurant, I rejoined the crowd on the street.  I realized the limo was about to make its way down Pennsylvania Ave. A set of motorcycles drove down forming a V-shape, and also some marching squads like the one below.


marching band

Marching at the parade before the arrival of the presidential limousine.Photo by Joseph Earnest


Snipers were on rooftops making sure the perimeter was secure.  This building is the National Archives right opposite the restaurant I was having lunch. Photo by Joseph Earnest




I also spied with my little eye, a squirrel up in a tree.  The only reason I took this photo is because I had never seen a blonde squirrel before. Photo by Joseph Earnest


barack obama

The Obamas have just stepped out of the presidential limo. Michelle Obama waves to the crowd behind them, while the Commander-in-Chief focuses his gaze on this journalist. Perfect Kodak moment.

Photo by Joseph Earnest January 21, 2013.



Indeed my discernment and judgment proved sound, and the timing couldn't have been better. At the exact spot I was standing, the presidential limo stopped, and out stepped Barack Obama.  He looked me in the eye, smiled and waved.  The result is this. Photo by Joseph Earnest January 21, 2013.



michelle obama

The First Lady also stepped into view and was directly in front of me. She waved in acknowledgement too.  At this point Obama started to wave to the crowd behind him, because they were all going crazy.  I remained steady with my camera. Photo by Joseph Earnest January 21, 2013.




The crowd ahead also starts going nuts so Obama waves to the crowd on his right, while his wife waves to the crowd on her left.Photo by Joseph Earnest January 21, 2013.




There were crowds on the balconies too. The Obamas waved and acknowledged them as they were surrounded by Secret Service agents.Photo by Joseph Earnest January 21, 2013.



joe biden

Vice President Joe Biden and wife at the parade basking in their glory. Photo by Joseph Earnest



Because I had a prime spot, several people who had seen me taking photos requested me to email them copies since they did not have the opportunity to take pictures. So for those who gave me their email addresses including the ones at the restaurant who wrote them on a dinner napkin, here are the photos. Thanks for your patience, and I have read all your emails inquiring when I would post these pictures.  Simply right-click the photo you like, and you're set.



Extra, extra, read all about it...headlines.  I thought it would be interesting to capture some of the headlines from several papers on the day of inauguration. Above are some of the featured stories from major newspapers. Photo by Joseph Earnest



washington dc

Washington by night.Photo by Joseph Earnest


Covering a presidential election entails the entire election cycle from the primaries, to the general, and then finally the inauguration.  The 2013 inaugural ceremonies conclude Newscast Media's coverage of the 2012 presidential election. The swearing-in ceremony took place at the steps of the Capitol, while the Inaugural Parade began at the east front of the Capitol, then west on Constitution and Pennsylvania Avenues, followed by north of 15th Street and west on Pennsylvania Avenue past the Presidential Reviewing Stand.


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