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UN recommends ISIS be prosecuted at ICC for its crimes



by Joseph Earnest March 19, 2015


Newscast Media BAGHDADHuman Rights Office of the United Nations said on Thursday that the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant terrorists may have committed genocide against the Yazidis in Iraq as well as crimes against humanity and war crimes against civilians, including children.

In a report based on interviews with more than a hundred of victims and witnesses ,the UN Security Council called to refer the matter to the International Criminal Court to prosecute the perpetrators.

ISIS has kidnapped hundreds of girls and women from different ethnic groups, especially Yazidis during the invasion of the north and west of the country last summer.

Militants have sold the women and girls on the elements in the slavery markets, but some of them managed to escape from the grip of militants.

ISIS has also committed horrible massacres against the Yazidis after taking control of Sinjar district last summer, killing hundreds of people. Add Comments>>


Source: Iraqi News










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