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LIVE Tracking Sandy--projected path of the monster storm


by Joseph Earnest  October 29, 2012  


Newscast Media BOSTON, Ma—As Sandy continues to pound the Atlantic Basin, up-to-the-minute storm advisories are being sent out to residents to flee and find safety in shelters or dry ground that isn't prone to this particular storm.


"I think all our mothers taught us, if you could avoid it, don't be stupid. So don't be stupid...get out...and go to higher safer grounds," Governor Chris Christie warned New Jersey residents who wanted to display bravado and ride out the storm.


According to the Weather Channel, Hurricane Sandy churned North on Monday, raking ghost-town cities along the Northeast corridor with rain and wind gusts. Subways and schools were closed across the region of 50 million people, the floor of the New York Stock Exchange was deserted, and thousands fled inland to await the storm's fury.


 As the storm closed in on the mid-Atlantic coast, it washed away an old section of the world-famous Atlantic City Boardwalk and left most of the city's emptied-out streets under water. Its projected path put New York City and Long Island in the danger zone for a huge surge of seawater made more fearsome by high tides and a full moon.

"The days ahead are going to be very difficult," Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley said. "There will be people who die and are killed in this storm."


The origin and path of Sandy.  Map courtesy NASA

Hurricane Sandy originated from the Caribbean and is headed for Canada where it is supposed to be re-categorized from a Tropical Storm to a Tropical Depression.

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