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Obama sends special forces to allegedly hunt Uganda warlord Kony

 Barack ObamaPhoto by Joseph Earnest


by Joseph Earnest  March 24, 2014


Newscast Media WASHINGTON—President Barack Obama is sending troops to Uganda to hunt the Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony according to a news reports.


The administration has not revealed how many special forces it is sending to Africa, however, according to FOX, National Security Council spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden told the Associated Press that the aircraft would be based in Uganda but will be used in LRA-affected areas of the Central African Republic, Congo and South Sudan to support the African Union's regional task force.

"The deployment of these aircraft and personnel does not signify a change in the nature of the U.S. military advisory role in this effort," Hayden said. "African Union-led regional forces remain in the lead, with U.S. forces supporting and advising their efforts."

Precursor to something more sinister?

It is an open secret that Obama and Uganda's Museveni have recently been at loggerheads, therefore this sudden move to send troops to Uganda will be viewed suspiciously by local government organs in Uganda, putting them on "high alert".


This will also raise questions like, why would Obama send troops to Uganda, yet the alleged warlord Kony has been inactive for over a decade?


Why is it necessary to send troops and air crafts to undertake a military mission on behalf of an East African country that is experiencing relative peace?


Why didn't Obama send troops to repel the Sudanese rebels when they started destabilizing the South Sudan region, yet reinforcements were justifiable then?


Is the deploying of troops a subliminal message to encourage civil unrest in Uganda knowing that there is "back-up" nearby that would support movements like the ones we saw in Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Venezuela, currently in Syria and recently Ukraine?


Who benefits the most by having a puppet in power that will meet the demands of the West, rather than someone in power who will resist such demands?


Freudian slips

Nobody has accused the Obama administration of anything, yet the Freudian slips of administration officials are already putting them on the defensive as shown in Monday's report: "U.S. and A.U. forces pursuing Kony operate out of bases in Uganda. Administration officials who described the new deployments insisted they did not imply any weakening in the Obama administration’s criticism of Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni for signing a new law imposing harsh penalties for "homosexual offenses," according the Washington Post. (pop-up)


Since administration officials are bringing up the topic of "homosexual offenses" it seems painfully obvious, that the real intent of this mission has something to do with Obama having lost Round 1 in the homosexual discussion in Uganda.


However, Entebbe seems to be prepared for civil unrest, and at a recent training camp held last week, Uganda's Police Inspector General Kale Kayihura said, "Attempts to overthrow the Constitution using violent protests and riots have increased demands on police. You know what happened mostly recently in Ukraine and currently in Venezuela, attempts to destabilise Kampala. Remember the protests in the United Kingdom. The UK authorities arrested and prosecuted in one week over 3,000 protestors. Courts sat day and night."


It should be of concern to Museveni because, what logic does it make for the West to create an enemy (Kony) where none existsand to fight a war that ended over a decade ago?      Add Comments>>













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