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Sex trade and human trafficking continue to thrive globally




by Joseph Earnest  May 10, 2012

Newscast Media HOUSTON, TexasA disturbing investigation shows that human trafficking trade continues to grow, with as many as 12 million men, women and children living in a state of modern slavery, and the number is expected to double to almost 27 million. People like Tara from Ethiopia, promised a good job as a maid in the Middle East, who finds her passport confiscated, and 20 hour days of humiliation and hard work. Or Umma from Somalia who spends her last pennies for a boat ride to Italy only to find herself an unwilling victim of the sex trade. Or Noben, a fisherman from Bangladesh beaten by his boss when he fails to meet his quota of catch for the day.


A common misconception is that sex trafficking is a problem limited to developing nations. Every year, thousands of people are brought into the West and forced into prostitution. The high demand allows traffickers to make a great profit and continue to bring more victims into the trade. In most countries prostitution is illegal, yet countries like Thailand attract numerous wealthy men from the West who are sex tourists looking for underage girls, boys and she-males.


In one of its worst forms, trafficking involves harvesting people's organs and selling them on the black market.


Talitha Kum network headed by Sister Estrella Castalone is on the frontline fighting the trafficking, and also providing programs to train consecrated religious and lay in methods of prevention and to provide assistance for victims of trafficking. Below is an interview of Sr.Castalone talking about this growing problem of human trafficking.


Tracey McClure interviews Sister Estrella - Audio Courtesy: Vatican Radio

 (The interviewer keeps mispronouncing the nun's name as Australia instead of Estrella)

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