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U.S ambassador rejected by Hugo Chavez


 hugo chavez


 by Joseph Ernest August 8, 2010


Newscast Media -- The Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez, has said he will not allow the newly-nominated US envoy to take up his post in Caracas, following comments over Venezuela's alleged links with Columbia rebels.

He said Barack Obama, the US president, should "look for another candidate" to replace Larry Palmer, whose nomination as ambassador to Venezuela is pending confirmation by the senate.


On Sunday, in his weekly Alo Presidente radio and television show, Chavez said, "How can you think I'd accept this gentleman coming here? You'd best withdraw him, Obama. Don't insist, I'm asking you."  

Palmer last month voiced concern about Cuba's growing influence in the Venezuelan military, which, according to him was "considerably low" in morale and professionalism. In written answers during a confirmation hearing, Palmer also said there were "clear ties" between leftist Colombian rebels and Chavez's government.

"Palmer disqualified himself by breaking all the rules of diplomacy. He messed with all of us. He can't come here as ambassador," Chavez said.

"The best thing the United States government can do is to look for another candidate for ambassador to Venezuela."   Add Comments>>                   





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