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Former Hot Dog Champion Arrested After Crashing Eating Contest

 by Joseph Ernest July5, 2010


hot dog eating contest


 Newscast Media -- The annual July 4th hot dog eating contest at New York's Coney Island belonged to four-time champion Joey "Jaws" Chestnut, until six-time champion Takeru Kobayashi crashed the event and brawled with police.


Kobayashi did not participate in this year's contest because he didn't want to be bound by the terms within the contract of Major League Eating, the organization behind professional fast food competition.  Kobayashi mingled with the crowd until the end of the competition when he decided to bum-rush the stage.


Police apprehended him as the crowd chanted, "Let him eat!"  He was charged with resisting arrest, trespassing and obstructing governmental administration.

Mr. Chestnut who won the annual Nathan's Famous International Hot Dog Eating Contest, ate 54 hot dogs in 10 minutes on live television, broadcast by ESPN.


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