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Iranian Web site with cartoons claiming Holocaust was a myth angers Jews


holocaust museum 


 by Joseph Ernest August 6, 2010


Newscast Media -- A new Iranian Web site, that depicts Jews as cartoon characters and denies the Holocaust has created outrage amongst Jews.  The site claims that the massacre of six million Jews during the Second World War was a fabrication designed to allow Zionists to seize control of the Middle East and its resources.

"The vulgar and cynical approach of the website, a combination of Holocaust denial and distortion, illustrated with anti-Semitic caricatures, further illustrates Iran's disregard for reality and truth vis-a-vis the Holocaust, Jews and Israel," Israel's Holocaust memorial Yad Vashem said. (pop-up)

The semiofficial Iranian Fars news agency reported that cartoonist Maziar Bijani launched the site and said it is financed by a non-governmental cultural foundation. The site has English, Arabic and Farsi versions. Iran accuses Israel of using the Holocaust as an excuse to abuse Palestinians and has compared Israeli soldiers to Nazi troops.  A screenshot of the site can be seen here.

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