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Hillary Clinton to embark on tour aimed at restoring trust in government

hillary clinton

by Joseph Earnest  August 13, 2013


Newscast Media WASHINGTONFormer Secretary of State Hillary Clinton feels well-rested, and based on the remarks she made at the annual American Bar Association meeting in San Fransisco, she plans to tour the nation to give a series of speeches.  The purpose of the speeches is to restore trust in the government, and the tour is already being dubbed the "Listen Up!" tour.


Many are already speculating that Clinton will run in 2016. A recently-conducted poll that was released on July 24, by Marist College Institute of Public Opinion shows Hillary leading all her possible GOP contenders, should she decide to run.


The poll shows that Clinton outdistances her closest potential opponent, Vice President Joe Biden, by almost five-to-one in a hypothetical contest. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley each receives single-digit support.


Among Democrats nationally including Democratic leaning independents, here is how the contest stands:

63% Hillary Clinton

• 13% Joe Biden

• 6% Andrew Cuomo

• 1% Martin O’Malley

• 18% undecided


As for Republicans, the above infographic shows she leads all Republican possible contenders if she were to announce her candidacy for the Presidency.


*Click here to read or download the complete Hillary 2016 numbers. (pop-up)


Clinton scores particularly high with minority groups, and according to those in attendance at the ABA meeting, she does plan to address issues that affect the minority community.


The schedule for national tour in which Clinton will be giving lectures will be announced soon.  Add Comments>>






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