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Hillary Clinton milks Texas while avoiding hostile public

hillary texas

Texas demonstrators waiting for a Hillary encounter—Courtesy photo: Republican Party of Texas

 by Joseph Earnest June 5, 2015


Newscast Media HOUSTONWhile Rick Perry was announcing his bid for the presidency on Thursday, Hillary Clinton was doing a fundraising drive in Texas, which has been a hostile territory for Democrats.


Hillary even refused to hold any "open-to-the-public" events to avoid tripping herself, then having to clean up her own gaffes.


Mrs. Clinton scheduled a $2,700 per person event—$27,000 to co-host and $50,000 to be named a host. In 2012, Barack Obama raised $12 million in Texas and Hillary wants to match that—but her plan for Texas doesn't stop there.


Hillary aims to reinvigorate Texas' Democratic grassroot supporters to not only win the White House, but also to make gains across the state.


Protesters were waiting for her with signs, indicating that Texas may not be the cake-walk she thinks it is, as she embarks on the presidency. Add Comments>>
















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