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Hezbollah vows to attack Israel if U.S. interferes with Syria

hezbollah fighter


by Joseph Earnest  September 3, 2013


Newscast Media HOMS—According to a report by Israel Hayom, Hezbollah has threatened to retaliate against any U.S. attack on Syria, by spraying rockets into Israel. The report by Israel Hayom read:

Following a U.S. attack on Syria, Hezbollah would launch rockets at Israel from the Syrian city of Homs to "keep Lebanon out of the war," according to one source who coordinates activities between the Syrian army and the Shiite terrorist group.

"Hezbollah controls 8,000 square kilometers [about 3,100 square miles] near Homs and won't hesitate to engage in a response by launching surface-to-surface missiles from within Syria," the source told Al Rai.

Who is Hezbollah?

Hezbollah is considered to be the most sophisticated and technologically advanced guerilla group in the Middle East, operating in Lebanon, created by Syria and trained by Iran.  The group is very illusive and well-trained, and is most famous for repelling Israel in the 33-day war of 2006. Below is some of the war footage:


Israel and Hezbollah lock horns.  Israel calls for cease-fire after 33 days  


 The war between Israel that had 90,000 against Hezbollah's 5,000 militants changed modern warfare.  No longer did one need tanks or ships to attack an enemy, but one only needed weapons that could destroy the big tanks and ships.  Yet perhaps the biggest problem that worries the U.S. and Israel is that they have never found a way to overcome the legendary C-802 missile that can practically sink any ship, and was reverse-engineered by Iran. A former arms dealer, Joe Trento who was involved in negotiating arms for the U.S. talks about the C-802 problem. Watch:



Joe Trento talks about the problem the US is ignoringthe dangerous C-802 missile


Because Syria provided these missiles to Hezbollah, there is a high likelihood Assad will use them against our aircraft carries. Alread 8,000 suicide commandos have offered to fly planes or drive speed boats and fire at US positions.  Russia is providing intelligence to Syria in regard to the positions of the US and its allies.  A military analysis of how Hezbollah's tactics is in the video below:


The 33-day war...a military analysis  


 Clinton launched a war on Somaliait was a disaster. Bush's Somalia was Iraq.  Will Syria be Obama's Somalia?  Add Comments>>


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