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Netanyahu: Iranians are walking with a smile on their faces



by Joseph Earnest November 8, 2013


Newscast Media GENEVA—Israel will not be bound to any agreements reached between Iran and the six world powers, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry prior to his departure from Israel on Friday.

Netanyahu met with Kerry at the airport on Friday morning, just before Kerry was to continue on to Geneva to join the talks between Iran and the Western countries.

The meeting was described as "tense" with Netanyahu saying that Israel vehemently opposes the apparent deal that seems to come into play on the Iranian nuclear plan.

"I hear that the Iranians are walking in Geneva with a smile on their faces, and they have good reason for it," Netanyahu said, according to a statement by the Prime Minister's Office.

"They got everything they wanted and gave nothing. They'll get a decrease in sanctions but they won't reduce their enrichment capabilities, so Iran got the deal of the century," the prime minister added.

"Israel rejects this plan completely... Israel will not be committed to such an agreement and will do whatever is necessary to protect itself," he said.

Netanyahu also tied that sentiment to the peace process with the Palestinians, and said that Israel, on this topic as well, will "not compromise on its safety and vital interests up against international pressure."

"No amount of pressure will make me or the Israeli government compromise on the security and national interests of Israel," he said in that respect.

Kerry expanded his stay in the Mideast on Thursday to try and salvage the peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians, but decided to join world powers in Geneva after an invitation by the European Union's Foreign Policy Chief, Catherine Ashton.

Kerry's eighth visit to the region started on Wednesday with shuttle diplomacy between Jerusalem and Ramallah to overcome major roadblocks in the talks between Israel and the Palestinians.     Add Comments>>


Source: Xinhua









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