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Banning gay marriage would boost economic growth, activist says




 by Joseph Ernest August 2, 2010


Newscast Media -- According to Tamara Scott, one of the many speakers at the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) rally on Sunday, at the state Capitol in Des Moines, overturning legalized homosexual marriage would go a long way to improve the nation's weak economy.


Tamara Scott, the state director for Concerned Women of America told the crowd, "It costs you, the taxpayer, as high as $280 billion a year for fragmented families, according to the Family Research Council." Scott was citing a study from the D.C.-based Christian political association from May 2009. She continued to say that part of the country’s current economic downturn was to blame on the social costs of the threatened traditional family unit through the legalization of gay marriage.

"If we would correct the breakdown of the family by 1 percent, we could save the taxpayer $3 billion a year," Scott said. "An easy fix and a better fix long term for our children. When the family is healthy, the community benefits. When the family is hurting, society will pay the cost one way or another. We can fix this economic downturn very easily by fixing some hearts."

Scott encouraged the crowd to speak up at the grassroots level in order to have a bigger impact.  "To sit back and do nothing, you become part of the problem," she said. "We all need to help out. It’s too big for any of us. There’s plenty of evil to go around."

Meanwhile, in the downtown area at Western Gateway Park, a pro-gay marriage rally was organized by One Iowa, the state’s largest LGBT-rights organizations to counter their opponents. Headlining the event was Iowa House Speaker Pat Murphy and Iowa First Lady Mari Culver.

When Culver was asked to comment about Scott's statement that upholding the traditional family unit translated to a more stable economy, Culver disagreed and said, "Heterosexuals have not done a great job with marriage and the family. I think a strong middle class makes a strong economy. I think (NOM) is looking for some economic cover, rather than revealing that some in their group are simply anti-gay."

Fearing that her husband who is running for re-election could suffer from the blowback of her statements, Culver said she was speaking for herself and not for her husband, who wasn't present at the event.     Add Comments>>    






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