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2012 election


Rasmussen and Gallup polls show Romney ahead of Obama

gallup poll

 After the presidential debate, Romney rose to 52 percent while Obama lost a point and dropped to 45 percent.  According to numbers from Rasmussen in 2008 Obama was ahead of John McCain this time four years ago by a 50 percent to McCain's 45 percent.


by Joseph Earnest  October 18, 2012  


Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas—Virtually every major poll shows Republic presidential nominee ahead of Barack Obama the Democratic incumbent president, including a recent Gallup poll that surveyed voters likely to cast their ballots. The current battle being waged is happened in swing states since those are the ones that can sway an election. Republican enthusiasm is high according to Rasmussen Reports that shows Romney getting 87 percent of the Republican vote, compared to Obama's 85 percent from the Democrats.


The Report shows that in 2008 while Obama was running against GOP candidate John McCain, at this time of the month, Obama led by 50 percent to McCain's 45 percent as shown in this detailed table. (pop-up)


With 18 days (roughly two weeks) before the election, Obama continues to focus on social issues like abortion and homosexual rights instead of closing the deal against his opponent Romney, who now seems to have captured the hearts of the middle class. Obama hasn't even attempted to reach out to Evangelicals like he did four years ago, which is puzzling, and in so doing, he is also inadvertently the independents who view his stance as too leftist, rather than moderate.


The above Gallup poll was conducted between October 9-17, with a margin of error of +/- two (2) percent. After Monday 22, debate between Romney and Obama, Gallup should have another poll reflecting the change between Oct 17-23.  The results of that poll will most likely mirror an approximation of the Nov 6. election.


Should Obama lose this election, it will be a stern rebuke by the American people to any future Democratic presidential candidate, not to impose social constructs practiced by a minority of the population, over the moral beliefs of the majority. This election will also affect Democrats at the state level who are running for election.

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