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Friends of Syria making impossible demands says Lavrov

sergei lavrov


by Joseph Earnest May 30, 2013


Newscast Media MOSCOWRussia accused the foreign-backed Syrian opposition of hindering peace talks aimed at ending the current crisis in the Arab country, describing its conditions to take part in the international peace conference as impossible to fulfill.

"We are under the impression that the National Coalition and its regional sponsors are doing everything so as not to allow the start of the political process and achieve military intervention in Syria through any means possible," Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told reporters.

"These demands are impossible to fulfill," Lavrov said, as he reiterated Russia's concerns that the opposition in Syria was fractured and did not have a single leader.
"The only thing that unites them is a demand of Bashar al Assad's immediate departure."

Earlier on Wednesday, the so-called National Coalition, the bloc which has been since last Thursday in Istanbul to discuss whether it will take part or not in the peace conference, said that any negotiations with the Syrian government should lead to the resignation of President Bashar al-Assad.

"I hope that there will be sensible forces among the Americans and Europeans who will be able to rein in those who condone these absolutely unacceptable aggressive approaches of the National Coalition and who try to make this coalition look like the only structure with which the Syrian government should talk," Lavrov added.            Add Comments>>

  Source: Al Manar TV News










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